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About Me

I am a Functional Nutritionist and a Maternity & General Reflexologist.

I have spent the last 14 years working with people who are stressed, trying to achieve pregnancy or pregnant and have loved my work.

I have a real passion for the gut and gut health.

I am also a mum of two amazing boys who I love dearly.

I am qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I am a qualified Reflexologist and Maternity Reflexologist.

I have taken additional courses in SIBO, both with U.S. Functional Medicine Practitioner, Chris Kresser www.chriskresser.com and world renowned SIBO expert Dr Allison Siebecker from www.siboinfo.com

My Story

I had problems for as long back as I can remember with my own gut. As part of my gut health journey I have done a lot of testing!

I had h pylori probably for over 20 years as I had this in my late teens and was never retested to see if it had gone. In my late teens I was given two strong antibiotics and a PPI (proton pump inhibitor or acid blocker) which I was then given for over 10 YEARS! Yes, you did read that correctly – 10 YEARS on a PPI)

Once I began my studies in nutrition I was horrified to learn I should have been on this for a maximum of a few weeks, not 10 years. I retested and the H Pylori was still there! Of course it was, I had killed all my stomach acid with the PPI so the H pylori was having a great time destroying my gut.

I had two parasites, one unknown, one Dientamoeba Fragilis. I didn’t leave the country for over 10 years prior so have no idea where I picked these up from.

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I had a high anti-gliadin reading despite being tested negative for celiac by my GP. Non-gluten sensitivity is very common.

I had a high yeast overgrowth. + 3

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Basically my gut was a mess !!

I worked on this, I killed the h pylori, I took anti-parasitic herbals and cleared the parasites and the yeast and fungal over growth cleared up.

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But I STILL had gas, bloating and pain.

I had worked really hard, cleared everything but still ended up with a gut looking like this by the end of the day! (and no Not Pregnant!)

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I couldn’t understand why. I had changed my lifestyle, I meditated, I ate better but I was still getting gas and bloating daily. And then I began to learn about a new illness, SIBO.

I performed a breath test on myself and found the probable cause of my 20 years of IBS – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO.

So I believe my very damaged gut story was due to the following:

Not being breastfed as a baby
Antibiotic use as a child
Weakened immune system
Genetically susceptible
Glandular fever as a teenager twice
H Pylori in late teens and then probably for the next 20 years
Very strong antibiotic use to kill h pylori (never re-tested)
PPI use (initially for h pylori) for over 10 years
Poor vegetarian, high carbohydrate, fermentable diet
STRESS (relationship breakdown, studying, working long hours, party lifestyle, too little sleep, too much sugar!)

So that is my story? What is yours ? Everyone will have a different story and a different pathway to a poor gut.

What can you expect from me?

I will read your questionnaire, I will listen to you and I will make suggestions to you. I will suggest which test I think would suit you best, many people like to have both a stool test and a breath test as the stool test is great for looking for pathogenic bacteria but cannot detect SIBO.

The breath test alone is looking for SIBO but cannot tell you whether you have a parasite in your gut ! I will be as thorough as I can and give you as much knowledge as I have without being a medical doctor. You can take what you have learnt here and from your own research and go back to the doctor if you need to, fully armed with more information. Remember it is your body!

Please note there is no one size fits all, even the top experts can sometimes disagree how a SIBO test can be analysed and what the best treatment plan is. SIBO is often very hard to eradicate as well and has a relatively high rate of reoccurrence so please manage your expectations from the beginning ! It sometimes takes several rounds of antibiotics and/or herbal antimicrobials to get rid of SIBO and can then sometimes come back, depending on numerous things.

If you put in the hard work then you should get great results and at least have the tools and knowledge with which to make some great digestive improvements. You may need some liver support/pancreatic enzyme support. One of the primary endotoxins from SIBO is LPS (lipopolysaccharides) which has been shown to cause pancreas and liver inflammation, and thus insufficiency. (info taken from Chapter 12 of John Herron’s book The Gut Health Protocol).

I will offer a customised and individualised plan which will hopefully help you.

What do I expect from you?

Commitment !! You cannot just take a few supplements, eat rubbish and live a stressful lifestyle and expect a miracle !

You may need to change your diet. You may need to change your mental attitude. You may need to make some lifestyle changes. You might need to admit you need to relax more, you might need to make time to breathe, walk, meditate. You may fight against all of these but then you may not improve. I’m sure we’d all love to eat chips and pizza every day but our damaged digestive systems just wont allow that !!!

At the end of the day it is your body and you must decide how much effort you are prepared to put in and how much of an improvement you want to see. Not always easy to hear but unfortunately I cannot do that bit for you !

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